W.W. Norton seeks a full-time photoeditor

W.W. Norton is seeking a self-motivated, highly creative Photo Editor with 3+ years of experience in the college textbook publishing industry. The accepted candidate will have the opportunity to work with some of the best professionals in the business, and can brainstorm creative ideas with imaginative authors and editors whose disciplines span drama, art, music, history, anthropology, economics, psychology, politics, and the hard sciences. We are expanding aggressively into wider digital media applications, so a forward-thinking, media-savvy photo editor who is excited by innovative digital products would be ideal for this position.

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A Broken Heart, a Child’s Life

A story I wrote for The New York Times: http://nyti.ms/17uUSvm

Photojournalist Martin Lehmann knew the story of Baby Rose, a child born with a heart defect, wouldn’t end well. But before it did, he was there to chronicle her life with a loving family. Posted Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why Pickle Brine Is a Secret Weapon Against Ice

My latest article for National Geographic.

This extremely icy and snowy winter has brought renewed attention to the question: What’s the best (and most environmentally kind) way to melt it all? Salt, chemicals … or pickle brine?

Why Pickle Brine Is a Secret Weapon Against Ice.

Some notes on Hurricane Sandy

Why New York City Is the Worst Place for a Hurricane

Hurricane Tree
A tree knocked down by Hurricane Sandy in New York City.
-Rena Silverman

TNR’s ‘Generation Whine’

In the latest issue of The New Republic there is a feature called, “Generation Whine: Self-pitying twentysomethings and the Boomers who made them,” by Laura Bennett.

I read the full article, as a writer and as a twentysomething. I found I enjoyed the article much more as a writer.

But, one reader comment at the bottom of the article made me just laugh. rayward wrote, “Judging by the comments, not too many twenty somethings read TNR.”

Yeah, that’s because like the article says, buddy, we can’t afford to comment; you need a subscription to The New Republic in order to post a comment on the magazine’s website.

Curiosity’s “Picasso-like self-portrait”

According to NASA, Curiosity has snapped a “Picasso-like self-portrait” with its navigation camera, located on the upper right. The camera “snapped pictures 360-degrees around the rover, while pointing down at the rover deck, up and straight ahead,” according to a statement by NASA.

Curiosity’s self-portrait. Image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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