100 Caravaggios

 Italian art historians claim to have found 100 Caravaggio works. According to the the Telegraph, “The sketches and paintings, if proved to be authentic, would be worth an estimated 700 million euros (£560 million).” 

For some reason, I don’t believe it. I don’t know why, but I just don’t believe these works are by Caravaggio. All I have as explanation is my instinct. But, if you read BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell, you might have a better understanding of how instinct plays an important role in these discoveries. The book begins with a story about the Getty Museum, a fake Kouros, and a couple of different reactions from major figures in the art world. Turns out, those who had provided only instinct as evidence were right. 

My instinct tells me something is wrong with this picture, or these 100 pictures. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.